Sullivan 發電機

Sullivan Alternators

Sullivan UV is a manufacturer of custom crafted

starters, alternators and control hardware. Sullivan

UV has a history of nearly 50 years. Products have

been widely used in the aviation. Sullivan UV

provides services to 200+ customers in more than

35 countries around the world.

Xiamen Hangxin Technology Co., Ltd. is licensed

by Sullivan UV Company to sell all of its products

and to provide after-sales service in China.



MicroPilot UAS Autopilots

MicroPilot serves UAV manufacturers who

maintain high standards for both the hardware

they integrate into their systems and the

software that drives them.

Incorporated in 1994, MicroPilot has served over 1000 clients in over 85 countries during its 20+

years in business.


Pegasus 舵機

Pegasus Actuators

Pegasus Actuators was founded in 2007 focused

on the development, manufacturing and

marketing of electro mechanical actuator

products worldwide.

PEGASUS servo - actuators are currently installed

in numerous types of industrial and remotely

controlled employments, wherever exceptional

precision and reliability are imperative.


Aviation power system

According to the actual needs of customers,

Hangxin Tech select the aviation power

systems  to  meet the needs of customers...



Aviation Material

Hangxin Tech works with CAT to focus on the

aviation industry.

Business mainly covers air spare parts distribution and maintenance, ground equipment calibration and testing, airport ground equipment sales and

services, air emergency rescue SAR related

training, airborne avionics technical support and

other fields.



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